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Current Website System Status – No Issues

We strive to provide 100% uptime, but sometime circumstances beyond our control may cause rare website service interruptions.  Please bookmark the following pages to check if you ever think you may be having an issue reaching your website. 

Current Email System Status – See System Status Page for status

For email system status updates, please visit our System Status Page at http://status.emailsrvr.com/ (See “Email Hosting“). You may also bookmark this page to check in the future.

Please note that our email provider has Deprecated non-SSL (non secure) IMAP/POP & SMTP protocols from connecting. If you are having issues sending/receiving email, please check that you have the correct SSL settings as per our Email Setup Instructions.


  • To check for issues with sending/receiving email, review the “Email Hosting” items.
  • To check for issues with accessing or using your Email Admin Console, review the “Administrator Tools” items. 

Please disregard other items as they do not apply to ePageCity client accounts.

Forgot your Email Password or Email Admin Console Password (for Administrators)? Ask your Email Administrator to submit a support request through: http://www.help.epagecity.com/upgrades-changes/

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